Juke Box Racket (1960)

Juke Box Racket (1960)

Mario ('Peter Clune'), a gangster, takes the fifth amendment when being questioned by the Senate Sub Committee on his connection with racketeering within the juke box industry. While in a small New Jersey town, teenagers Bob (Steve Karmen), Judy (Arlene Corwin),Ginger (Beverly Nazarow), Seymour (Seymour Cassel) and Betty ('Dalene Young (II)' go to the train station to pick up Judy's cousin-from-Tennessee, Lulubelle (Lou Anne Lee). They take her to their local hangout, a pizzeria called "Mom & Pops", a broken down place ran by a couple named Mom (Emy Boselli) and Pop (William J. Daprato.) After leaving the senate hearing, Mario, on his way to a large meeting of racketeers, drops by the pizzeria for a cold drink, and notices that Pop's jukebox is not one belonging to the syndicate. He asks the local rep of the syndicate, Morty Belowsky (Ray Singer to find out why, and Morty reports the place doesn't make enough money to make it worthwhile, but Mario isn't having any of that and orders the syndicate's box be put in "for the principle of the thing".

Directors: George Barris, Jim Geallis
Stars: Steve Karmen, Arlene Corwin, Lou Anne Lee


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